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Who is Klaus Pilz?

I am an innovative, energy/lighting professional and Certified Energy Manager with more than 30 years experience in applying energy related waste reduction solutions for industrial and other commercial facilities. Over the years I have attained skills and knowledge that allow me to achieve guaranteed results in reducing costs and eliminating waste. I ensure your project is installed on time and delivers expected results.

Is this experience necessary?
Yes, it matters because:

  • Companies do not have time or resources to spend on projects that just do not work.

  • It is costly to redo projects that result from under-informed choices or unreasonable expectations.

  • Companies value promises that deliver guaranteed results.

My industry knowledge allows me to implement solutions with confidence. I never guess how a project will work, I know. With that said, experience does matter because that is how you get cost effective results.

The energy sector is ever evolving, and I view each project as an opportunity to apply new technologies that deliver guaranteed results. Most importantly, I have learned...


​"... energy conservation is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity."


​Klaus Pilz

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