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Q. Why should we consider doing business with Helius Solutions, a new company?

A. Helius solutions is a new company with an old soul. An attribute in our favor. Klaus Pilz, founder of Helius solutions brings 30 plus years of practical experience in lighting and energy conservation strategies.

Q. How long do LED’s last?

A. The operating life of a solid-state light is dependent on thermal management, transient voltage, and hours of operation.

Q. Why is transient voltage important?

A. Built in transient voltage protection absorbs power surges and prevents excessive energy from damaging components.

Q. Is there a warranty?

A. Yes, Helius solutions stands behind the manufacturer's warranty as your front-line support for hassle free warranty coverage, unlike other warranties that require you to work thru the original component manufacturer. We take care of the details, if any, so your call is to us and we’ll take care of the issues to your complete satisfaction.

What is visual comfort probability?

A. Visual comfort probability refers to the quality of light delivered to the work surface. The quality of light [received in the zone cavity. Studies have shown that lighting affects the physiology of people. When visual acuity is compromised, it may contribute to adverse health affects. The solutions form Helius are designed to minimize the effects of glare for a superior visual comfort. We consider Kelvin temperature, color rendering Index and light levels to produce a solution the is uniform and offer superior visual comfort.

Q. What is the deference between foot candles and Lumens?

A. Foot Candles by definition is lumens per square foot. So, the light at the working surface is called working foot candles. The light produced at the light source is call lumens.In fact, the lumens produced at a light source does not directly correspond with the amount of foot candles delivered.


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